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What’s medical nutrition therapy?

What’s MNT?

MNT is an evidence-based solution to improve an individual’s health through nutrition and lifestyle changes. It is predicated on a long time of medical research on the connection between food plan, food and health outcomes. This research has taught us that specific foods or eating patterns may also help manage certain health issues, equivalent to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, kidney disease and digestive issues. MNT not only addresses existing medical conditions but additionally attempts to lower the chance of latest medical conditions.

Who’s a candidate for MNT?

MNT generally is a very effective component of an overall management plan for a lot of common conditions. Individuals with the next conditions can profit from MNT:

Diabetes: MNT is the cornerstone of diabetes management. Studies have shown that this therapy can lower A1C by as much as 3%.

Heart disease: Research demonstrates that MNT can reduce risk aspects for heart disease, equivalent to high LDL cholesterol (the ‘bad’ cholesterol), triglycerides and blood pressure.

Cancer: The first role of MNT in cancer treatment is to assist individuals with poor appetite, which is a typical symptom of cancer medications and therapies.

Digestive conditions: Individuals with ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome and celiac disease, in addition to those that’ve lost a part of their intestinal tract attributable to surgery, can all profit from MNT to cut back symptoms and improve quality of life.

Kidney disease: MNT is very important for individuals with kidney disease who need to regulate their food plan to avoid complications, equivalent to high levels of calcium and potassium within the blood, low iron levels, poor bone health and kidney failure.

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