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What to purchase your husband, boyfriend, brother or friend – 9 Christmas Gifts for Him

What to purchase your husband, boyfriend, brother or friend – 9 Christmas Gifts for Him

Undecided what to purchase your husband, boyfriend, brother or friend this Xmas? From the dapper trendsetter to the tech enthusiast, listed here are Healthista’s Christmas Gifts for Him

Buying gifts for the lads in our life will be quite difficult. We could have ‘the one who has all of it’ or ‘the picky one’ or the ‘don’t get me anything this 12 months, I mean it’.

Look no further, as we’ve compiled an inventory of gifts which can be thoughtful yet also will satisfy the above people in your life who seem to offer us all a tough time around Christmas.

Here’s our top picks…

#1 Apple Watch Series 9 – from £399

Tailored for the fashionable man who embraces innovation, this 12 months’ latest Apple Watch is a sleek timepiece that seamlessly merges form and performance.

Whether he’s a fitness enthusiast, a tech guru, or a person who values connectivity on the go, the Series 9 delivers an exceptional experience for anyone who’s in search of a fitness tracker for Dry January.

Plus the Series 9 is the primary carbon-neutral product from Apple, which is bonus points for this gift.


#2 Under Armour Duffle Bag – £29.99


Crafted for the fashionable man on the move, this sleek and spacious bag effortlessly combines durability with athletic-inspired design.

Whether he’s hitting the gym, embarking on a weekend getaway, or navigating a busy day, the Under Armour Duffle Bag is a flexible companion that enhances his energetic lifestyle.

This bag is ideal for all of those holidays we shall be dreaming of taking in the summertime during this rainy, cold winter.


#3 Helly Hansen Men’s Daybreaker Half-zip Fleece Pullover – £39.00


Wrap him in warmth and magnificence this holiday season with the Helly Hansen Daybreaker Fleece Pullover – a flexible and comfortable addition to his winter wardrobe.

Crafted with the brand’s legendary commitment to quality, this pullover seamlessly fuses comfort with timeless design.

Whether he’s conquering outdoor adventures or just having fun with a crisp winter’s day, the fleece fabric provides each insulation and breathability.



#4 Mini Massage Cushion – £30.00


Rating major points this holiday season with the gift of leisure for the special guy in your life.

Enter the Mini Massage Cushion – a pocket-sized powerhouse that brings the spa treatment wherever he goes.

This massage tool is ideal for melting away stress knots, whether it’s after an extended day at work or a tricky workout on the gym.

Compact and portable, it’s like having a private masseuse on speed dial.


#5 Haymans Gift Set – £30.00


This gift set will not be your average present; it’s a complete experience bottled up.

Filled with premium gin goodness, it’s like gifting him a VIP pass to flavour town. Whether he’s a gin aficionado or simply starting his botanical journey, this set is a slam dunk.

Cheers to creating his holidays extra spirited with the Hayman’s Gin Gift Set – because festive vibes deserve a correct toast.


#6 Sedley Cottam Oversized Black Overshirt – £32.00


Okay, ladies, let’s talk concerning the gift that’s principally a method touchdown in your guy – the Sedley Cottam Overshirt.

This shirt isn’t just an outfit; it’s a complete vibe. The sort of piece that effortlessly goes from laid-back cool to “I’m-the-best-dressed-dude-in-the-room” cool.

It’s a basic yet stylish piece that each man needs in his wardrobe.

Perfect for lazy weekends or when he desires to flex some serious fashion muscle without breaking a sweat.


#7 Luxury Valet Tray by Noble Macmillan – £195.00


Let’s add a touch of boujee to his Christmas, we could? Introducing the Luxury Velvet Tray by Noble Macmillan – a game-changer within the realm of swanky storage.

This isn’t just a present; it’s his personal valet, giving his cufflinks and watch the VIP treatment they deserve.

The plush velvet? It’s like a hug for his fancy accessories. Perfect for the guy who deserves a little bit of luxury in his day by day routine.

Spoil him a little bit with the Luxury Velvet Tray – because his cufflinks need a comfortable home too, right?


#8 Tile Slim Tracker – £22.49


Ever seen him tearing the home apart in search of his wallet or keys? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Enter the Tile Tracker – the superhero for forgetful moments. Stick certainly one of these in his wallet or attach it to his luggage, and boom, problem solved.

No more “Have you ever seen my stuff?” panic attacks. It’s like having a private assistant for keeping track of his essentials.


#9 PGA Tour Men’s Winter Beanie – £16.99


Keep him looking cool while staying warm this Christmas with the PGA Tour Men’s Winter Beanie – because cozy heads are completely satisfied heads, right?

This beanie isn’t nearly blocking the coolness, it’s about making a method statement on and off the green.

Whether he’s a golf pro or simply desires to rock that sporty vibe, this beanie’s got him covered – literally.

Gift him the PGA Tour Beanie and watch him turn heads while keeping that noggin toasty.



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