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10 things you possibly can do when hosting guests with diabetes for the vacations

4) Skip the salt: Less salt is best for the center, something individuals with diabetes are concerned about as they’re at greater risk for heart problems. So as to add flavour to foods without salt, consider adding more herbs and spices, minced garlic or citrus. Use fresh vegetables as an alternative of canned that are high in sodium, and if using canned beans, you should definitely rinse them several times to eliminate excess salt.

5) Top off on veggies: Adding more raw or steamed vegetables is a healthy alternative for all of your guests. Ideally select non-starchy varieties (e.g., carrots, cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, mushrooms) for diabetes-friendly options as they’re low in calories and in carbohydrates. Avoid serving vegetables in creams and butter, which add unnecessary calories.

6) Serve healthy fats: Make certain your holiday food table includes loads of healthy fats which are perfect for a diabetes weight loss program. These can include items like nuts, seeds, avocado and olive oil.

7) Consider a potluck: If guests offer to bring food items, take them up on it. This may help make sure that those with diabetes can bring a dish they know they’ll safely sample.

8) Provide non-alcoholic drinks: Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol is rarely advised. For individuals with diabetes who take certain medications, it might probably result in dangerously low blood sugar levels too. You should definitely have loads of still and sparkling water available for guests to enjoy, and limit alcohol consumption when possible.

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