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What To Do If You Don’t Want To Be Weighed At The Doctor


Most doctor appointments start stepping on a scale—even when the appointment is for an earache! Even though it could also be standard practice, asking to take an individual’s weight before a health care provider’s appointment may not be helpful. 

For some people, weight could also be a difficult topic, which is comprehensible given how much stigma there’s around weight and type 2 diabetes (T2D). You might feel stressed going into your appointment after being weighed very first thing—which living with diabetes is already stressful enough!

Many individuals living with diabetes don’t know they will simply ask to not be weighed. Here’s why chances are you’ll consider opting out of being weighed and easy methods to ask.

Isn’t shedding pounds the principal goal?

Individuals with T2D are always told to easily “drop a few pounds” and one way or the other their diabetes management will recuperate. Although having excess weight can increase your risk of developing diabetes complications, there’s no guarantee that shedding pounds will improve your diabetes.

Despite extreme efforts, shedding pounds with T2D might be difficult. Actual helpful solutions are sometimes ignored when the one focus is on shedding pounds. 

Setting diabetes goals as a substitute

Weight discrimination is a problem in society and even inside healthcare, making a barrier for larger-bodied individuals from getting the health care they need and deserve. 

“My doctor cut me off and told me to drop a few pounds before I even finished describing my issue.”—BT2 community member

Because diabetes management impacts every a part of you, your management plan also needs to have a holistic approach. 

Setting diabetes-focused goals, as a substitute of weight-focused ones, can appear like:

How do I tell my doctor I don’t wish to be weighed?

Voicing your preferences to your doctor can feel uncomfortable, but is needed to make sure you get the care you deserve. 

One technique to start is to ask should you can set your diabetes management goals together during your next appointment.

Advocating for yourself and finding your voice can take time, so you can too use this “don’t weigh me” card to let providers know you would favor to not be weighed. You may download and put it aside in your phone or print a replica.

Remember, having extra weight while living with type 2 diabetes doesn’t mean you might be bad at managing it. You deserve quality health care no matter your body size!

Editor’s Note: This content was made possible with support from Lilly, an energetic partner of Beyond Type 2 on the time of publication.

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