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Tips on how to Make a Satiating Banana Oat Smoothie

Tips on how to Make a Satiating Banana Oat Smoothie

A banana oat smoothie is a wonderful snack or breakfast option, because it provides a number of nutrients and is healthy and satiating.

Homemade cereal and fruit smoothies prevent the consumption of ultra-processed products that contain a number of sugar. Subsequently, they enable you follow a more balanced and healthy eating regimen. Do you recognize how you can make a healthy banana oat smoothie?

Below, we’ll briefly explain the foremost advantages of oats and bananas and we’ll present a banana oat smoothie recipe that you could adapt to your liking.

Dietary advantages

Oats: a heart-healthy cereal

Oats are known for his or her great dietary fiber contribution, which helps maintain the digestive system, amongst other advantages.

This can be a very dietary cereal, because it comprises fiber, B vitamins, and essential minerals (iron and potassium). Listed below are among the advantages of consuming oats:

  • Firstly, prevention of digestive diseases. It’s an excellent regulator of intestinal transit, attributable to its high content of soluble and insoluble fiber. Doctors recommend it for gastritis, heartburn, and hemorrhoids patients, because it protects the digestive mucosa. As well as, soluble fiber has a prebiotic motion that favors the intestinal flora.
  • It purifies the gallbladder. The intake of oats can assist drag bile salts from digestion, thus favoring their elimination within the feces and gallbladder purification. Thus, it prevents the formation of gallstones and colic.
  • Finally, prevention and improvement of cardiovascular diseases. Fiber reduces cholesterol absorption, because of its drag motion. Subsequently, it regulates levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. As well as, its low fat content makes it a heart-healthy food.

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Banana: essential within the banana oat smoothie

Known for its potassium content, bananas can play a task in hormone, blood pressure, and cardiovascular system regulation.

Banana is a really nutritious and energy-giving fruit. Thus, consuming it advantages your body in some ways, because of the proven fact that it comprises slow-absorbing carbohydrates, vitamins A, E, and B (B2, B3), potassium, and magnesium, amongst other essential minerals. A few of crucial properties of banana are:

  • Regulation of mood disorders. The consumption of bananas prevents the reduction of serotonin levels (hormone directly related to mood regulation), because of the proven fact that it’s wealthy in tryptophan and potassium.
  • It reduces hypercholesterolemia and regulates blood glucose levels. Its high fiber content reduces levels of cholesterol and improves insulin sensitivity.
  • Regulation of blood pressure, because of the proven fact that it comprises a big amount of potassium, a mineral that intervenes within the urinary excretion of sodium, favoring the decrease of the blood levels of this mineral.
  • It’s a highly satiating food and helps control the hunger-anxiety cycle.

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Banana, oat, and cocoa smoothie recipe

This smoothie is a wonderful complement to physical activity, because it helps boost your energy and reap the benefits of the advantages of bananas and oats.

It’s a very simple and quick recipe to make, which will appeal to each children and adults because of the flavour cocoa provides.


  • 300 ml of milk
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 30 g of oats
  • Vanilla extract
  • Cinnamon
  • Agave syrup
  • 15 gr of fat-reduced sugar-free cocoa


  • Firstly, make the relevant measurements.
  • Then, peel, wash, and slice the banana to facilitate the blending process.
  • Rinse the oats to remove any impurities and add it, together with the remaining of the ingredients, to a mixer or food processor.
  • Mix at medium speed, ensuring you don’t exceed your kitchen instrument’s capability level. In case you think it isn’t powerful enough, you may mash the oats first after which add the remaining of the ingredients.
  • Finally, let it cool within the fridge and also you’re done!

Replacements for the banana oat smoothie

To adapt the recipe to several types of needs and special diets, you may make the next replacements:

  • Vegetable milk (almond, oat, soy), as a substitute of animal milk.
  • Yogurt as a substitute of milk, combining it with 50 ml of water.
  • Replace the cocoa with dates. On this case, you’ll must peel and take away the stones before mixing.
  • Use any variety of sweetener, reminiscent of saccharin, stevia, liquid sweetener, sugar, whole cane sugar, etc.

You possibly can accompany it with a fruit salad or toast for a more complete breakfast or drink it with some sprinkled cinnamon. Enjoy!

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