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Minty Fresh Low-Carb Recipes for Spring

Minty Fresh Low-Carb Recipes for Spring

Spring is the proper time for the refreshing taste of mint in all its forms, whether it’s used so as to add a cooling touch to a classic cocktail, a burst of flavor to a crisp salad, or a bit lightness to decadent chocolate.

This versatile herb is a favourite in kitchens everywhere in the world, prized for its distinctive aroma and fresh taste. In this text, we’ll share a few of our favourite low-carb mint recipes. Grab a handful of fresh mint leaves and let’s get cooking!

Sugar-Free Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge — Low Carb Yum

“This sugar-free low-carb mint chocolate chip fudge has only 0.7 grams net carbs per square. It’s a sweet treat that may be enjoyed by those on a keto weight loss program.”

Homemade Keto Thin Mints — Sugar-Free Mom

“These homemade sugar-free copycat thin mint cookies taste like the true thing, but our keto version uses healthy ingredients to make a delicious mint chocolate classic cookie without all of the sugar and carbs! This favorite cookie has just 3 g net carbs!”

Beetroot and Feta Salad — Cook at Home Mom

Don’t skip the fresh herbs. They brighten your complete dish! The tangy, sweet, and earthy flavors of the salad are enhanced and elevated by the fragrant dill and mint.”

Peaches and Cream Mocktail — Cook at Home Mom

“Here comes the Peaches and Cream Mocktail — the brainchild of my oldest son, who told me he wanted, “A peach smoothie but not a smoothie.”

We played around a bit and the Peaches & Cream Mocktail was born. It’s frivolously sweet and super creamy, the proper refreshing and hydrating drink on a hot summer day.”

Minty Green Protein Smoothie — Sugar-Free Mom

“A Minty Green Protein Smoothie that’s dairy-free and low-carb is the proper approach to start the day!”

Asparagus & Snap Pea Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette — For Good Measure

“Spring unfurls an abundance of fresh, snappy produce in every shade of green. Keeping seasoning easy & light allows this salad’s crispy flavors to shine.”

Pistachio Mint Quinoa — Sugar-Free Mom

Quinoa will not be a really low-carb ingredient, but when you’re going to decide on one starch, it’s a fantastic one.

“Fresh mint and crunchy pistachios throughout this quinoa dish make a powerful and stunning side dish. This side dish easily compliments fish, chicken, beef or can stand alone for a straightforward vegetarian meal by adding more vegetables.”


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