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Mediterranean Salad with Tuna & Lemon Dressing

This fast, healthy Mediterranean Salad with Tuna drizzled with a fast, creamy, and herby Lemon Salad Dressing is the whole lot you wish for lunch! And guess what? It’s Whole30, Paleo, Gluten-Free, and Low-Carb.

The ingredients include nutrient-dense sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, pepitas, bell peppers, and cucumbers. That is one Whole30 salad that’s really easy to make, and it’ll definitely keep you satisfied.

Better of all, it’s absolutely delicious… because healthy doesn’t must equal boring!

Why We Love It

I earn a living from home, so most days I grab a fast lunch between answering emails and changing diapers. I do know what you’re considering, but don’t worry, I wash my hands, first!

I used to think salads were boring and just form of resigned myself to that. But you realize what?

Salads are not boring! I promise. You only should unlock the fun of salads again!

So despite the fact that I make fast salads, I attempt to be intentional about adding different flavors and textures, and truly, my easy salads tackle latest life! That’s what I did here with this salad and man, it’s a keeper!

Mediterranean Salad Ingredients

I really like that this recipe is quick enough for a quick lunch and exciting enough for a fun weeknight dinner. There’s just a little little bit of chopping required, sure, but apart from that, it’s very easy!

Most significantly, that is some of the satisfying salads I’ve made this yr. The mixture of flavors and textures really makes it feel more like something you’d get at a specialty restaurant.

I even have to say, the ingredients on this Mediterranean Salad really make it exciting! Here’s what you wish:

  • Canned Tuna
  • Romaine Lettuce or any lettuce you favor
  • Artichoke Hearts: I prefer frozen but be at liberty to make use of your favorite jarred artichoke hearts
  • Bell pepper
  • Cucumber
  • Sun-dried tomatoes: I like sun-dried tomatoes in oil, because extra FLAVOR!
  • Red Onion
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Lemon Dressing: coconut milk or greek yogurt, lemon juice, dried dill, garlic powder, salt, and pepper.

How you can select canned tuna

Attempt to source canned tuna rigorously, if you happen to can, but just do your best with what works along with your budget and what’s available to you.

For those who occur to have the privilege to find a way to decide on, search for brands that say, “sustainably caught,” “pole caught,” or “troll caught,” because meaning the tuna weren’t caught in nets.

That’s an enormous deal because avoiding nets means avoiding the inevitable catching of a number of other sea creatures in them!

“Lower mercury” is all the time an excellent selection, too!

Flavor-wise, I personally prefer tuna packed in olive oil, and that’s what I utilized in this Mediterranean Salad recipe, but that’s only a taste thing.

I believe the richness of the olive oil is basically nice with the mild fish. But if you happen to prefer it packed in water, then you definately do you!

Making the Salad Dressing

This creamy salad dressing is dairy-free, Whole30, and Paleo, and one among the simplest healthy salad dressing recipes ever!

To make the Herby Lemon Salad Dressing, simply whisk together coconut milk, lemon juice, and herbs, and also you’re in business!

  • Just ensure the coconut milk hasn’t been chilled first. I leave the can on the counter to bring it to room temperature, but if you happen to’re in a rush, you may gently warm the coconut milk in a bowl within the microwave for 5-10 seconds.
  • For those who’re not doing a Whole30, then be at liberty to substitute plain greek yogurt as an alternative of coconut milk. This won’t be Whole30 compliant, but it should be very healthy and super delicious!

When you’ve got the lemon salad dressing made, just drizzle it on top of the salad, mix it up, and luxuriate in!


Easy Mediterranean Salad with Tuna and Creamy Lemon Dressing

A brilliant fast and straightforward pescatarian salad made with canned tuna, a number of fresh vegetables, and a creamy lemon, dill and garlic dressing.

Calories 344 kcal per serving


Mediterranean Salad

  • 2
    in olive oil
  • 4
    romaine lettuce
  • 1/4
    sundried tomatoes
  • 1
    medium cucumber
  • 1
    artichoke hearts
  • 2
  • 1
    red bell pepper

Creamy Lemon Garlic Dressing

  • 1/4
    coconut milk
    or substitute plain greek yogurt (nonetheless that is NOT Paleo or Whole30 compliant)
  • 2
    lemon juice
  • 1/4
    dried dill
  • 1/4
    garlic powder
  • 1/4
  • 1/8
    black pepper


Do the Prep Work

  1. Wash and chop the romaine. Dice the bell pepper, cucumber, and red onion.

Make the Salad Dressing

  1. Bring the coconut milk to room tempertature. Whisk together all of the dressing ingredients.

Assemble & Serve!

  1. Add the lettuce to a big bowl, then assemble all of the ingredients on top. Drizzle the salad with the salad dressing.

  2. Toss it gently and divide between two plates or bowls.

Recipe Notes

Salad Dressing Notes:
For those who’re using coconut milk, bring it to room temp before you whisk it together to avoid it clumping.
For those who’re storing the finished salad dressing within the refrigerator for later, you may gently warm it within the microwave for five seconds at a time, before drizzling over the salad.
Protein Notes:
Be at liberty to swap out other protein sources, like hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken, or shrimp. They’ll all be delicious!!

Nutrition Facts

Easy Mediterranean Salad with Tuna and Creamy Lemon Dressing

Amount Per Serving

Calories 344
Calories from Fat 126

% Every day Value*

Fat 14g22%

Saturated Fat 7g44%

Cholesterol 61mg20%

Sodium 761mg33%

Potassium 1413mg40%

Carbohydrates 20g7%

Fiber 6g25%

Sugar 11g12%

Protein 41g82%

Calcium 94mg9%

Vitamin C 94mg114%

Vitamin A 10340IU207%

Iron 7mg39%

* Percent Every day Values are based on a 2000 calorie weight loss plan.

Please note that the dietary information may vary depending
on the particular brands of products used. We encourage everyone to examine specific
product labels in calculating the precise dietary information.


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