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Understanding biologic and biosimilar medications

Understanding biologic and biosimilar medications

How can I be certain that the switch goes well for me?

Your mindset can influence your symptoms and sense of well-being. The nocebo effect is when negative expectations result in negative outcomes. Misinformation from a wide range of sources could cause a nocebo effect.

To combat a possible nocebo effect, you possibly can:

  • Acknowledge the nocebo effect
  • Search out more details about biosimilars
  • Speak to your pharmacist or doctor in regards to the switch and your biosimilar options
  • Keep a neutral or positive outlook

How do you turn? Issues to pay attention to

With the intention to switch to a biosimilar, you need to speak together with your healthcare team. Generally, you would require a brand new prescription for the precise biosimilar chosen. There could also be slight differences within the devices used. Nonetheless, all pen devices work essentially the identical way, and you possibly can review this together with your pharmacist.

Also, some insulins don’t come as a vial or will not be approved to your specific pump. These approvals are continually changing, so check together with your pump company for the newest information.

Overall, biosimilars are very helpful in making our healthcare systems sustainable. There aren’t any expected differences in safety or effectiveness, compared with the unique medication. For specific information related to your care, discuss your options together with your healthcare provider.


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