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Try these Food for hair growth and thickness

Try these Food for hair growth and thickness

Food for hair growth and thickness

Are you furthermore mght coping with hair fall? Has it began affecting your confidence? Worry not, we’re here to provide help to get back your shiny, smooth healthy-looking Hair. All of us take care of Hair fall once in a while, sometimes it’s temporary that may occur on account of stress or weather change and can mechanically improve when situations improve. Nonetheless, some odd times it could possibly last for an extended time than one may anticipate, this could be on account of various health and lifestyle-related issues. 

A pointy decline in Protein in your Hair can result in excessive Hair fall. Many individuals are unaware that our Hair strands are primarily made up of a component of protein often called ‘Keratin, protein gives life to our scalp cells, it makes sure the cells are healthy, Hair follicles should not damaged and it’s the source of hydration to the Hair follicles. And by eating certain food we will increase this protein content and make our hair grow higher and denser.

Which vitamin is sweet for hair?

The essential Vitamins for healthy hair growth are:

  1. Vitamin B
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Vitamin D
  4. Zinc
  5. Biotin

Which food is sweet for hair?

Consuming a weight-reduction plan full of good sources of Protein is a must, listed below are a few of our favourite foods which are wealthy in Protein. 

1. Eggs:

Eggs are an excellent source of Protein and may show great results if consumed regularly. Not only Protein but also they are wealthy in vitamins A, D, and B13. They’re good to your skin, Hair, and body.

2. Peanuts: 

Peanuts also offer you a healthy dose of Protein. Peanut butter is on the market out there and could be used as a healthy snack. Peanuts can reduce Hair fall and help your skin improve as also they are wealthy in Antioxidants. 

3. Pulses:

Indian cuisine is filled with Pulses that are a high source of Protein. Pulses are versatile and could be utilized in plenty of ways and forms. Not only this but Pulses are also wealthy in folic acid, which is one in every of the B-complex vitamins that helps in keeping the hair healthy. 

4. Greek Yoghurt:

Greek Yoghurt can also be an excellent source of Protein, it could possibly be utilized in breakfast or could be eaten as a snack. The most effective things about Greek Yogurt is that it is extremely versatile and could be utilized in a pair of the way.

5. Salmon:

Salmon is wealthy in protein and Omega-3. Salmon could be added to your weight-reduction plan and you possibly can see an enormous difference in your Hair growth and skin texture. It also helps in maintaining a healthy body.

How one can thicken hair naturally in a month?

1. Hair Oiling and Head Massage

Oiling is top-of-the-line ways to reinforce the production of Protein in your scalp. Scalp massaging helps in maintaining blood circulation and provides an ample amount of nourishment and conditioning. You’ll be able to heat up the oil for a minute after which apply it in your scalp, gently massaging your roots in a circular motion. 

2. Egg Mask for Protein

An egg is an excellent source of Protein, you possibly can take eggs in keeping with your Hair length, mix them well and apply it in your scalp massaging the egg in a clockwise direction. Keep the egg mask on for about 45 minutes to an hour and rinse it off with a gentle shampoo and cold water.

3. Keratin Treatment 

Keratin treatments are widely available at any salon, it’s a lengthy procedure but you shall be done in a day. It’s an external Keratin treatment that may help your Hair turn out to be smoother and look healthier on the outside. Keratin treatment lasts for about 3-6 months depending on how you might be caring for your Hair

4. Anti-Hair fall shampoo

Anti-Hair fall Shampoos which are free from Parabens, Sulphate, and SLS and is made with natural ingredients that may assist in maintaining a healthy pH balance within the scalp.

Take Away

Hair fall is the worst nightmare one could have. There are specific solutions which include natural methods, medication, and therapy which help increase hair health increase to an extent. However it remains to be not confirmed that every one the people might get positive results. And it’s at all times really helpful to seek the advice of your dermatologist before taking and adding something to your hair care regime.


Can thin hair turn out to be thick again?

Yes, with proper care, hygiene, and drugs, there are possibilities you possibly can bring thicker hair back to the sport.

Does rice water thicken hair?

Rice water helps your hair turn out to be stronger and makes it appear longer and thicker. 

Which vitamin can stop hair fall?

As mentioned above, Vitamins B, D, and C are essential to hair fall.


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