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Trekking to Lose Weight

Trekking to Lose Weight

After I take into consideration all of the people I’ve met trekking during the last 7 years, I do not remember anyone saying they were trekking to shed weight. Perhaps some weren’t comfortable admitting it, but I feel that, broadly speaking, weight reduction is not a giant think about why people go trekking. But truthfully, why on earth not? So lots of my friends are almost obsessive about shedding weight and keeping the perfect body shape. I suppose it is a mentality thing. Or perhaps just not as fashionable going trekking within the wild as going to a stylish gym for workout an hour or two from time to time. God knows… But the reality is, trekking is top-of-the-line ways to shed weight! Do not believe me? Read on.

If you work out within the gym, do aerobics or some high-energy sport, you’ll be able to expect to burn some 4-800 calories per hour. Compare that to trekking and you will find that trekking is within the low end of that range. While trekking, a “typical trekker” burns some 4-500 calories per hour. So why is trekking so great for shedding weight?

The 2 foremost reasons are:

1.If you trek you do it the entire day. You burn calories from morning to evening, not only for a few hours in a gym.

2.On the trekking trail you might be far-off from the temptations of on a regular basis life, the cookie jar, junk food restaurants etc.

Let’s take a look at the mathematics.

Suppose you might be somewhat like me, male, 30s, about 160 kilos / 72 kg.

1.You go trekking and carry a further 15-20 kilos (7-10 kg) of stuff in your backpack. You go on an excellent trek that may be a bit hard, but still enjoyable. You trek for 8 hours a day, burning 500 calories per hour. That is 4000 calories you burn right there. You’ll likely burn one other 1500 calories while resting for the stays of the day.


2.You do intense sport or workout, on average one hour per day. That can burn 800 calories. Besides that, you reside a standard life, with moderate activity, going to highschool, office or light physical work, shopping, housekeeping etc. For this, your body will burn about 2700 calories per day.


You see my point?

While trekking you burn 2000 calories more per day, in comparison with doing intense work-out! Well, at the least in this instance. The precise figures rely upon you. For those who are heavier, carry a heavier pack, trek longer, in harder terrain etc., you’ll burn much more calories. For those who are smaller and take it simpler, you may burn less. But these numbers are quite typical.

True, you almost certainly eat a bit more while trekking. But loads of the additional calories burned will normally come from burning your body fat. Trekking is a sustained activity, so it’s simpler for the body to burn your body fat, at a slow but regular pace.

And besides being great for weight reduction, trekking brings you in closer contact with some spectacular natural scenery in addition to along with your own body. I do not trek because I would like to shed weight. I do it for the pleasure and the sensation it gives me at any time when I actually have just a few days holiday or a few weeks to spare by some means. And although I’m not obese, I at all times come back much slimmer and, for some reason, with a fresh and more positive tackle life!


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