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Yoga Bandhas – The Internal Energy Gates

Yoga Bandhas – The Internal Energy Gates

Our each day existence wastes all natural, powerful, instinctive energy, life force, from our bodies. Yoga bandhas or the interior energy gates guide this stream of energy (prana) to the deprived regions (to replenish them) from the regions where prana is blocked up or held back. Bandhas drive the energy towards its point of interest from where it’s reallocated in a balanced manner to make sure unification and harmony within the body. Bandhas practice involves physical and muscular movement initially, with the passage of time a yoga student will have the option to discern underlying mental and energetic models and work on the bandhas with a conscious effort; once mastered, these internal energy gates will remain energetic on a regular basis, in wakefulness and in sleep. Beginners approach to bandhas is in relation to certain parts of the body, like muscles, glands and organs, while their true value lies in being admired because the design for the distribution of essential power throughout the body. Once this channel of energy is organized, it brings into line and stimulates corporeal, emotional, mental and spiritual elements of the body.

Typically three bandhas, tri-bandha, are practiced together. They’re:

  • Mula bandha
  • Uddiyana bandha
  • Jalandhara bandha

They’re worked on together or one at a selected time through kriya (motion), asana (posture), pranayama (respiration), mudra (holy words), dharana (concentration) and dhiyana (meditation) practice. Once these internal gates of energy are activated, equilibrium exists between the Creator and the created, explanation for all conflict and imbalance is removed and the life force is fully in keeping with nature. Children are innately gifted with energetic bandhas. The really helpful order of learning the sequence is to start out with bandhas, then asana, then pranayama, after which mudra. Tri-bandha is helpful with advanced respiration and mudra chanting for serious seekers of spiritualism and unification with the celestial power.

To enhance basic bandhas, there are particular adjunctive bandhas:

  • Jivha bandha

It stops the mind from dithering; energetic and psychic amalgamation with the divine is achieved. Everlasting peace is gained.

  • Ajna bandha

Ajna bandha coordinates the energy and enables it to maneuver inward and upward to reestablish the severed link of affection between man and his Creator.

  • Nabhi bandha

Its practice entails an internal energetic method to collect, store and direct energy to other focal points.

  • Swadhi bandha

Swadhi bandha balances and combines the life force in the center and upper pelvis.

  • Hri bandha

Hri, heart or core, is the region where our feelings reside; our feelings of fear, or insecurity; our inability to specific our emotions. We hide ourselves on this area once we cannot take care of our pain or fear; this internal gate of energy, once kindled, recharges the sensation center making us take care of our emotions properly.

Collectively, yoga bandhas stimulate perception and intellect; and stop the aimless wandering of the mind. These internal energy gates streamline the flow of vitality or life force from dispelling outwards and direct it throughout the body allowing man to achieve awareness about self, life, reality and supreme consciousness.


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