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Is It Possible to Live And not using a Thyroid?

Is It Possible to Live And not using a Thyroid?

Thyroid hormones are involved within the regulation of body temperature, heart rate and plenty of other points. Living with no thyroid is feasible, but considering all of the organ systems involved, measures are required to preserve the body’s functions.

The thyroid is probably the most essential glands within the body. It’s positioned at the bottom of the neck and is chargeable for regulating many points of our metabolism. It’s, due to this fact, an interesting query to ask whether it’s possible to live with no thyroid.

This gland performs its function by producing thyroid hormones, which act on almost every tissue within the body. For instance, these hormones can increase heart rate, sweating, and even the utilization of nutrients.

Diseases of the thyroid gland are quite common. Everyone has heard of disorders reminiscent of hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, thyroid nodules, and even thyroid cancer. Nonetheless, few people know the fact of those pathologies or how they’re treated.

In lots of cases, it’s obligatory to remove the organ, through an operation called thyroidectomy . Which means that the person can have to live with no thyroid. In this text, we explain why this operation is performed and whether it’s possible to guide a standard life after surgery.

Why would the thyroid should be removed?

As we now have already mentioned, this gland is chargeable for regulating a big a part of the metabolic reactions that occur within the body. For instance, the body temperature, the event of the nervous system, or bone growth.

Which means that thyroid hormones are essential from gestation onwards, in order that the newborn develops accurately. Through the remainder of our lives, they’re still obligatory for survival.

Nonetheless, many pathologies affect this gland and require its removal. This operation is named thyroidectomy, and is used to treat diseases reminiscent of:

  • Thyroid nodules: These are small lumps that grow within the gland consequently of an abnormal proliferation of cells. Most of them are benign, but others are difficult to discover. Due to this fact, in lots of cases, the thyroid is removed due to the risk that they might be cancerous.
  • Goiter: This consists of an enlargement of the gland. This enlargement is uncomfortable and unsightly, as it will possibly cause difficulty in swallowing or respiratory.
  • Certain cases of hyperthyroidism: Those during which medical treatment isn’t sufficient to manage the symptoms.
  • Thyroid cancer: As we now have just explained, most cases during which it’s decided to remove the thyroid are when it’s because of the danger of a cancerous process.

It ought to be noted that, on some occasions, partial thyroidectomies could be performed. In these cases, only a part of the gland is removed. The opposite part can proceed to operate and produce hormones.

A goiter could also be a sign for thyroidectomy.

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How do you reside with no thyroid?

The reality is that you could’t live with no thyroid without extra help. For this purpose, thyroid hormones are used artificially. These hormones are obligatory for all times, and scientists have developed drugs that contain them in an artificial form.

This laboratory substance replaces all of the functions of the natural hormones. Essentially the most common type of administration is to take one tablet once a day, often within the morning. Because of these drugs, it’s possible to live with no thyroid and in a very normal way.

Nonetheless, it’s obligatory to observe the concentration of those hormones, and that is carried out through blood tests.

Alternatively, it’s essential to know that certain medications or products can alter the absorption of synthetic hormones. Due to this fact, on the subject of living with no thyroid, it’s obligatory to be clear about certain points. Oral contraceptives and antiepileptic drugs modify the dose that should be prescribed.

Similarly, iron and calcium supplements and a few foods will not be absorbed accurately. All these considerations are explained by doctors when establishing the treatment.

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Living with no thyroid

Although in certain thyroid diseases this gland is removed, the reality is that it isn’t possible to live with no thyroid, unless a substitutive hormonal treatment is established. This treatment with artificial hormones should be followed accurately and monitored. Due to this fact, periodic medical check-ups shall be obligatory.

The ultimate decision to remove the thyroid gland is made jointly between the patient and the treating physicians. The risks and advantages of every particular case are evaluated to be able to proceed with surgery. It’s all the time the last resort, although sometimes it’s the one option.

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