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Emotional well-being: a vital pillar of diabetes self-care

Emotional well-being: a vital pillar of diabetes self-care

Let’s be honest: having to administer diabetes, all day on a regular basis, generally is a real burden. Most are willing to do it for something that is vital to them or something they value deeply. Let me explain. Diabetes is a demanding disease. It requires each day testing, adjusting and living with the unexpected changes that include living a life. In some ways, it’s an excellent teacher of life’s reality – the unexpected is predicted, change is inevitable and coping with setbacks is the key to a satisfying life. So what does that must do with emotional well-being?

What’s emotional well-being?

Emotional well-being has been described as a basket of components that include life satisfaction, positive emotions and life purpose. We could spend many pages writing about each of those components, but at the guts of them is one concept: we reside for something we value that we would like to preserve and express in our each day life. We would like fulfilling relationships with others, we would like to be involved in work that’s meaningful and we would like to imagine that there may be more to this world than our problems. Emotional well-being is something we work towards since it provides us with meaning and purpose, in addition to positive emotions.

So, while having to care for diabetes is an enormous responsibility, when persons are willing to accomplish that for something necessary to them, by developing the skill of emotional well-being – that ‘willing to’ will likely be there day by day. We would like to experience our lives as satisfying. If we delve just a little deeper, it doesn’t come from doing fun things or achieving success but from one’s evaluation of 1’s life journey. In working with people who find themselves battling diabetes distress, my goal is to assist them develop the talents of resiliency and the flexibility to manage higher with the demands of living with diabetes. By being more resilient, we’re left with more energy to enjoy life. Luckily, in lots of instances, the identical skills that allow one to take higher care of diabetes are the identical ones that result in living a more fulfilling life.


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