Home Nutrition Nicotine Gum: What it Is and Find out how to Use It

Nicotine Gum: What it Is and Find out how to Use It

Nicotine Gum: What it Is and Find out how to Use It

Whenever you devour nicotine gum, it’s best to chew it gently and slowly for about 5 to 10 times. In this text, learn more about nicotine gum and find out how to use it to quit smoking.

Nicotine gum is a variety of substitute therapy designed to allow you to quit smoking painlessly and effectively.

There are chewing gums with various nicotine concentrations, from 2 to 4 mg. Nicotine slowly releases throughout the first half-hour, depending on the chewing intensity.

Doctors prescribe using nicotine gum during times when an individual feels an intense desire to smoke but desires to quit. The nicotine from chewing gum penetrates the mucous membrane slower than the nicotine from cigarettes. Subsequently, the quantity of nicotine in your blood is rarely as high as once you smoke a cigarette.

Nevertheless, while nicotine gum can allow you to quit smoking, it’s vital to notice that you simply won’t feel the identical as once you smoke.

Nicotine substitute therapy to quit smoking

Nicotine is tobacco’s foremost substance, and it causes physical addiction to tobacco. This type of dependence can result in unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when an individual tries to quit.

Nicotine substitute therapy supplies nicotine in the shape of chewing gum, sprays, inhalers and nicotine lozenges. All these alternatives lack the harmful additives of cigarettes.

Also, smoking substitute therapy may also help alleviate a few of the physical withdrawal symptoms, in order that an individual can think about the psychological facets of quitting their habit.

Some studies proved that using nicotine gum, along with other smoking substitute therapies, can nearly double the possibilities of quitting successfully.

How does nicotine gum work?

To devour this sort of medication, it’s best to chew it gently and slowly, from 5 to 10 times, until you notice the bitter and worsening characteristic taste of nicotine. Many individuals describe it as a slight tingling in your mouth. Then, you will need to stop chewing and place the gum between your gums and the within your cheek. This makes nicotine easier to soak up by the mucosa, slowly. Once the taste disappears, chew the gum again and place it in a unique area.

The gum lasts about half-hour, so you will have to repeat this operation throughout the times you’re quitting. Nevertheless, it’s not advisable to chew one other piece of gum for at the least an hour after you finish one. The explanation for it’s to diminish your probabilities of antagonistic side-effects. Yes, it’s chewing gum…but this type can result in uneasy feelings on account of its lively substance.

Also, doctors don’t recommend using greater than 24 pieces of two mg tablets or greater than 15 pieces of 4 mg tablets per day. Should you exceed these amounts, then your risk of overdose also increases.

Doctors do recommend to chew this gum a maximum of three times a day, or between 3 to eight tablets a day. That is bearing in mind that 1 cigarette accommodates 1 mg of nicotine.

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Further instructions

  • Don’t energetically chew the gum or swallow your saliva after chewing this sort of gum. This may result in discomfort in your mouth and throat, in addition to stomach pain and other digestion problems.
  • Also, nicotine won’t work when swallowed, because it won’t be absorbed by the mucous membrane and can inactivate as soon because it reaches the stomach.
  • Also, don’t eat or drink coffee, carbonated drinks or juices at the least quarter-hour before or after chewing. It’s because these products may decrease the absorption of nicotine. Nevertheless, water is allowed.

Things to take into accout about nicotine gum

Along with the instructions within the previous section, we would love to provide you a series of things to take into accout with regards to consuming nicotine gum:

To start with, we recommend that you simply use this medicine in anticipation of any situation during which you understand you’re going to feel like smoking. And, generally, use it at any time when you’re feeling like smoking.

Second, keep them with you in any respect times. That way, they’ll be handy in the event you end up in a situation where you’re feeling the urge to smoke. Know that the mere act of grabbing a cigarette considerably increases your probabilities of smoking it.

Finally, in the event you observe any of the next symptoms after using this sort of gum, then run it by your doctor or pharmacist:

  • Irritation in your mouth and gums
  • Jaw and throat pain
  • Increased salivation

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Giving up smokinga really healthy decision for you, your family members, and the planet

It’ll allow you to hold on to your willpower and remain disciplined.


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