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Dry Fasting: What’s it, How Does it Work, and What Are the Risks?

We will let you know about dry fasting, a practice that has turn out to be fashionable in social networks and that might harm your health in an alarming way.

Dry fasting is a practice that consists of withdrawing fluid intake. It has turn out to be fashionable in recent times as a consequence of the impact of social networks, despite the incontrovertible fact that it’s very dangerous.

Nutrition experts advise against such a protocols which can be based on water restriction, as they might cause great damage within the short and medium term. In spite of everything, a lot of the human body is made up of water.

Before we start, it’s vital to notice that we must watch out with trends which can be popularized within the media. Lots of them haven’t any scientific basis, so their practice could harm the body.

It’s at all times advisable to seek the advice of an expert before starting any sort of restrictive approach.

How is dry fasting done?

In response to the influencers, dry fasting is completed by avoiding the intake of water as such and incorporating liquids within the food regimen from foods, similar to fruit, vegetables and coconuts. They claim that this eliminates fluid retention, a reasonably common problem in women.

Nonetheless, science doesn’t support this claim. The truth is, it’s at all times advisable to eat natural water each day in quantities of around 2 liters.

Proponents of the practice also claim that dry fasting can improve sports performance, because the body becomes accustomed to retaining more fluid inside and never losing it. A 2% lack of body water has been shown to negatively impact performance.

Nonetheless, dry fasting is alleged to cut back the likelihood of this happening. But really, with a bit of search within the scientific literature, the hypothesis can already be discarded.

It’s clear that within the absence of water intake the body puts in place mechanisms to save lots of fluids, but in no case these are related to lower performance. Quite the opposite! In conditions of physical activity, sweating is crucial as a thermoregulatory element. If that is suspended, the water-electrolyte balance is affected, the body temperature increases and the risks are high.

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Is dry fasting idea?

As you will have deduced, practicing dry fasting is completely inadvisable in your health. It’s a protocol that may be life-threatening, especially in summer periods and in older adults.

Because the years go by, it’s increasingly vital to drink enough fluids. It is because the water balance is affected by aging.

As well as, drinking mineral water as such is just not enough. If there’s sweating, mineral salts should be replenished to avoid hyponatremia.

In response to a study published within the journal Frontiers of Hormone Research, hyponatremia is attributable to a discount in sodium concentration and may be fatal. Management is generally done on the hospital level, with symptoms that may sometimes resemble those generated by heat stroke.

Because of this athletes often mix water with certain sports drinks containing electrolytes and carbohydrates. In this fashion, the onset of fatigue may be efficiently delayed. Fluid losses will probably be partially compensated and substrates will probably be provided for optimal performance.

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The most effective hydration tool is water

Not only is it vital to avoid dry fasting, however the principal tool for maintaining state of hydration is mineral water. The consumption of sentimental drinks and juices has increased in recent times, which may be very bad news. These products contain large amounts of straightforward sugars and artificial additives.

In response to research published within the BMJ, regular intake of sugary drinks is linearly related to the chance of suffering metabolic diseases, similar to type 2 diabetes. The easy carbohydrates present in liquids soon reach the bloodstream, causing blood glucose levels to rise. Excessive compensatory work by the pancreas causes inefficiencies in its functioning.

Dry fasting is a foul alternative for health

Dry fasting has no scientific evidence or endorsement by nutrition experts. It’s considered a harmful protocol that needs to be avoided.

This is just not the case with intermittent fasting, for instance. The positive effects on the human body have been demonstrated on this case. Nonetheless, within the case of any healthy food regimen, one among the premises is to make sure state of hydration on a continuing basis.

Be mindful that to attain state of health over time you’ve got to flee from miracle products and fad diets. Give attention to a lifestyle that’s based on healthy habits.

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