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Ten Suggestions To Attract More Traffic To Your Fitness Website and Grow Your Email List

Ten Suggestions To Attract More Traffic To Your Fitness Website and Grow Your Email List

If step one in all internet marketing is driving traffic to your site step two is capturing email addresses in order that you may have the chance to create a relationship with emails. You must create a suggestion so attractive that a visitor cannot possibly leave without wanting it. They’ve found you out of your social media ads or a search online.

These 10 options can all serve you well. The trick is to know your customer, know the questions they’ve and what they’d find precious. Then determine the very best format for delivering the knowledge. You can even mix two or more of those right into a package a customer will find too good to pass by.

1. Ebook. Compile your information right into a word document, make it a pdf with a gorgeous format, a canopy and links pointing back to you. In a short while you’ll be able to have a pleasant downloadable gift on your latest prospective customer.

2. Report or White Paper. In a report you create just a little more formal written document that features statistics and up-to-date details about your topic. Include your resources, bibliography and potentially charts and tables.

3. Top Ten Lists. Create easy lists of most asked questions. You’ll be able to create a set of top ten exercises as an example, or foods, or cardio workouts. These are quick for you and simple to read on your prospective customer.

4. Video Series. Make a video series that solves an issue on your prospective customer. Give them some at home exercises. Give them a series of warm up exercises, balance exercises, core exercises. You’ll find ways to make use of equipment you may have in your facility to tease your services.

5. Teleclass. Create a single session or series of several teleclasses that lets customers see what you’ll be able to do for them.

6. Webinar. Just like the teleclass, but adding the choice of using slides or a live screen along together with your audio presentation. A webinar may be live or recorded.

7. Nutrition or Wellness Profile. Load a questionnaire on a webpage for submission by visitors. Contact them for a phone or in person advice session.

8. Playlist. Arrange a free download of music appropriate for cardio or rest targeted at your audience.

9. Challenges. Arrange automated emails for 21 or 30 days specifically focused on the goal of your area of interest.

10. Audio Recording. Just like a podcast, record yourself giving a presentation that you would be able to offer as an instantaneous download.

Any of those can take as little or as much time to organize as you wish. You might wish to keep it fresh and rotate this freebie content quarterly to draw latest customers. If you do, be sure to send the brand new content out as a extra gift to people already in your list. For them it’s an expression of customer appreciation.


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