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Yoga For Enthusiastic Life – How Yoga Will Change Your Life

Yoga For Enthusiastic Life – How Yoga Will Change Your Life

Yoga is a really old philosophy. It’s a Sanskrit word which implies “to regulate” or “to unite”. Yoga originated in India. Yoga is all about regulating the physical and mental status of the body. Previously, yoga was practiced in religions like Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, but now people everywhere in the world have understood the advantages yoga on the body and mind.

Patanjali is the creator of “Yoga Sutras”. In line with him, yoga is the capability to pay attention your mind on a single point with none disturbance. In yoga, the concentration lies on the body and respiratory for self awareness to achieve a transparent mental state. It’s on this state where all three- The body, mind and spirit are utilized.

Baba Ramdev has contributed immensely in spreading the importance and advantages of yoga. He gives information on tips on how to perform yoga and its profit in curing many diseases. Baba Ramdev has arranged many yoga camps throughout the world and provides guidance on fitness and a healthy food plan. Yoga is split into two basic parts: respiratory and physical exercises. Before performing yoga, you have to be aware of the poses or yoga asanas. Given below is info on tips on how to pose for yogasanas.


Probably the most beneficial poses for sitting in yoga are the Padmasna (lotus pose), Siddhasana (perfect pose), Swastikasan (auspicious pose) and Bhadrasana (gracious pose). There are a lot of poses by which the legs are crossed in several manner, back in straight position, body relaxed, and hands in Dhyan mudra resting on knees. You may select any pose by which you’ll feel comfortable and sit for hours without trouble. These poses assist in gaining a concentrating mind.

Respiration exercise (Pranayama)

In yoga, respiratory exercises are performed to extend the capability and power of the lungs. In normal respiration, we use only one-third capability of our lungs. In respiratory exercises, i.e. deep inhalation and exhalation repeatedly gives strength to the lung muscles. More amount of oxygen is taken within the body through deep inhalation and body tissues get more amount of oxygen required to perform all bodily activities.

Physical Exercise (asana)

Stretching is a basic exercise in physical exercises but in yoga, different asanas are performed. There are different exercises for the eyes, neck, shoulders, stomach, back, hands and legs. Some are necessary exercises for the joints and assist in reducing joint pain. There are special respiratory and physical exercises for people affected by any type of diseases.

Benefits of Yoga

o Anybody of any age group can perform yoga.

o In children, yoga has good and positive effects because the children are within the growing and developing stage. Yoga enhances body awareness, increases concentration and memory together with health fitness

o Person becomes immune to many kinds of bacterial infections, viruses and fungi by increased resistance power of the body

o Mentally in poor health person becomes relaxed and tension free


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