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Healthista Loves: Give your skin some TLC this Spring at these 5 London Beauty Clinics

Healthista Loves: Give your skin some TLC this Spring at these 5 London Beauty Clinics

From laser treatments to light therapy, Healthista’s Ksenia Lavrentieva reviewed 5 London Beauty Clinics to present your skin some TLC this spring. 

As spring approaches our dry winter skin is in desperate need of slightly TLC.

With the seasons changing you’ll discover most individuals shedding their cold-weather cocoons in favour of latest fitness routines, skincare regimens, and supplements in preparation for the sunshine ahead.

these treatments can revitalise your overall skin complexion

Every month we review our favourite products, treatments, and experiences to assist our reader’s navigate through the numerous options in and around London with our true and honest opinion.

This month, Ksenia tried treatments from BBL laser to infrared light therapy to get the within scoop on how these treatments can revitalise your overall skin complexion. Read more to search out out what she needed to say….

London Beauty Clinic #1 The Clinic Holland Park

For somebody who had a little bit of redness on their cheeks, I wanted to search out a treatment that might give me a clean, less inflamed complexion.

After speaking with their aestheticians, I made a decision to have a BBL (Broadband Light phototherapy) treatment at The Clinic Holland Park, which is a stunning boutique tucked away in the guts of the very opulent Holland Park in London.

perfect for somebody who suffers from rosacea, broken capillaries, or wants to scale back inflammation

The procedure uses no aesthetics since it’s not essential – it simply felt like a small rubber band snap on the face – but was over very quickly.

This treatment is totally perfect for somebody who suffers from rosacea, broken capillaries, or wants to scale back inflammation.

London Beauty Clinic #2 The Body Lab

Positioned right off High Street Kensington, the Body Lab is a state-of-the-art gym, which incorporates the newest body and mind bio-hacking modalities to allow you to change into the most effective version of yourself inside and without. Listed here are some treatments we’d recommend:

  • Flotation Therapy: Epsom salt water set in an enclosed pod helps to lower cortisol levels (the stress hormone) whilst also reduce inflammation, stimulate collagen production, and improve your quality of sleep.
  • Cyrotherapy: a standing chamber that sits at a -110 celsius (yes it was freezing cold) yet this treatment helps to activate your immune system, boost blood circulation, and allow you to recuperate quicker from sore muscles post-workout.
  • Hyberbaric Oxygen Chamber: the primary of it’s kind within the UK, this pod-like bed is proven to enhance mental clarity, deepen your sleep at night, and increase energy production.

Membership starts at £400 per 30 days


London Beauty Clinic #3 Remedi London

Where technology meets mental health, this beautiful state-of-the-art facility in Nine Elms focuses predominately on bio-hacking with a purpose to improve your overall well-being. These are the treatments we’d recommend:

  • Infrared Sauna: these are a step up from traditional saunas as red light therapy is thought to advertise anti-ageing and improve circulation just from a forty five minute treatment.
  • Rebalance Impulse: this chair that sends non-invasive vibrations is made to scale back stress and promote pain management, giving an overall sense of neuromuscular leisure. After the treatment I definitely felt lots calmer because it gave me time to tune out my phone and chill out without distractions.
  • Emerald Laser: this FDA cleared laser is supposed to remove a median of 6 inches of fat within the waist whilst increasing energy levels. The most effective part about it was there is no such thing as a down time, no pain, no bruising, and only took half-hour.


London Beauty Clinic #4 Minalee London

Mina Lee is the founder and director of Minalee London, a luxury aesthetic treatments facility in Chelsea. At Minalee, we were in a position to experience a bespoke holistic facial.

This unique treatment was not only healing, but in addition incorporated an array of techniques that embrace the entire body. Mina had healing hands that felt like magic wands – working on the inner and outer beauty.

perfect for somebody who suffers from rosacea, broken capillaries, or wants to scale back inflammation

This facial included a consultation, body stretching, acupuncture over the top and face, and a warm table bed with a luxury duvet to wrap you in in addition to crystal brush hair brushing.

The facial itself began off with a traditional cleanse and exfoliation followed by a healing massage, acid peel, and various use of serums and creams tailored to my skin.

Lastly, the facial was finished off with HIFU collagen booster to advertise elastin synthesis and hydration inside the skin. Mina used a product called Ranavat which I’d highly recommend purchasing in your skincare routine.

Treatments range from 60 to 90 minutes. Enquire for prices


London Beauty Clinic #5 Effect Doctors with South Kensington Members Club

In collaboration with South Kensington members club, Effect Doctors created an exclusive bespoke IV drip that gives nutrients and vitamins either within the comfort of your personal home or at one among their locations.

They’ve IV drips starting from Skin Brightening, The Vitamin C Drip, and The Jet Lag Reset which is ideal for any spring holiday that you will have planned the subsequent month.

Effect Doctors also perform blood tests that are in a position to inform you more about your body, hormones, and what deficiencies you will have.

IV Drips start from £200



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