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Canary Island Gofio: Nutrition, Advantages and Methods to Prepare It

Canary gofio is a big source of dietary fiber and energy. What other advantages does it provide? Here we let you know all the small print.

Canary Island gofio is quite a lot of flour that comes from the Canary Islands, Spain. It could possibly be fabricated from wheat, corn, oats, or other grains, and its color tends to differ between different shades of yellow in line with the degree of toasting it has.

It’s also often known as “toasted millet flour” and, amongst other things, it’s characterised by its dry, penetrating, and earthy aroma. What are its advantages? How is it prepared? In this text, we’re going to let you know all about it and the way it’s made.

The dietary contributions of Canary Island gofio

Canary gofio has vital health advantages resulting from its interesting contribution of essential nutrients. Particularly, it’s an interesting source of:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Fat
  • Starch
  • Minerals resembling phosphorus, calcium, and iron
  • Vitamins C and group B
The quantity of nutrients in Canarian gofio varies depending on the grain used to make it.

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The health advantages of Canarian gofio

As we’ve briefly already mentioned, the standard recipe of Canarian gofio is ready from roasted corn and wheat. Nevertheless, nowadays, it’s also made with other cereals and legumes. Regardless of the case, this isn’t a product with added sugar, colorings, or preservatives. It’s 100% natural and offers some very interesting advantages.

1. Canarian gofio provides energy

One among the primary macronutrients of canary gofio is its carbohydrates. These are answerable for providing energy to the body. Specifically, they’re broken down into glucose, which is the primary source of fuel for the functioning of the body.

Due to this fact, this food represents an excellent option for breakfast, for the food plan of athletes, or for those whose activities demand loads of energy.

2. It’s a terrific source of fiber

Fiber is of great importance for the body because it increases the load and size of the stool. Due to this fact, it’s capable of reduce constipation. As well as, as detailed in an article disclosed through Foods magazine, its intake plays a relevant role in the sensation of satiety, appetite control, and weight reduction.

3. Canarian gofio helps with digestive health

Wheat bran is superb for maintaining digestive health. It acts as a regulator, because it helps gastric emptying, increases satiety, accelerates intestinal transit, and increases fecal mass. It also helps Within the colon, because it dilutes the intestinal content and works as a substrate for the bacterial flora.

Likewise, the starch provided by the canary gofio is useful. This substance, when fermented by the intestinal microbiota, produces gases, fatty acids, organic acids, and alcohols. Incidentally, it stimulates satiety and helps to manage glucose.

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4. It’s suitable for diabetics

Gofio is a kind of flour derived from a grain. Due to this fact, it’s of slow absorption within the intestines. This, added to its contribution of starch and fiber, turns it into an appropriate food for individuals with prediabetes and diabetes.

Methods to make Canary Island gofio at home

The elaboration of the gofio begins with the choice and the cleansing of the grains. These grains are frivolously toasted and ground when the grain is already cold. Then, the product is sieved, and a beige powder is obtained.

Because it’s created from the entire grain, not as many nutrients are lost as within the production of white flours. Nevertheless, some vitamins, resembling B and C vitamins are oxidized during roasting. This happens depending on the heating time, although they don’t disappear completely.

Meanwhile, the warmth causes the starch chains to interrupt, which is what makes the flavour of gofio so particular and straightforward to digest.

How this food is ready

Gofio may be utilized in other ways. In precedent days, it was dissolved in hot water to make a kind of milkshake. Now, it’s added to take advantage of or combined with cocoa or nuts. It could possibly even be used as a thickener or as a food complement.

A recipe to arrange watercress stew with Canary Island gofio

Due to its versatility and good taste, canary gofio may be incorporated into many preparations. On this case, we propose a watercress stew. The quantities may be adjusted in line with the specified portions.


  • Watercress: 500 grams
  • Pinto beans: 150 grams
  • Potatoes: 500 grams
  • Pumpkin: 100 grams
  • Pork ribs: 250 grams
  • Water: 3 – 4 liters
  • Laurel (one leaf)
  • Corn on the cob: 1 unit
  • Canary gofio (to the taste)
Canary gofio may be consumed diluted in smoothies or in savory recipes resembling a soup or stew.


  • It’s mandatory to let the beans soak an entire day before starting to make this recipe. Then, if you begin preparing the stew, the pieces of meat must be browned. Meanwhile, chop the watercress into pieces, in addition to the pumpkin, the corncob, and the potatoes.
  • When the meat is browned, add the potatoes, the corn on the cob, and the pumpkin. Also, add the watercress and bay leaf. Cover with water and cook. It could take two hours to be ready.
  • When the stew is finished, remove the bay leaf and prepare the gofio with a number of the broth from the stew.

What to recollect about Canarian Island gofio

Canarian gofio is a conventional ingredient within the gastronomy of the Canary Islands. It could possibly be present in dishes resembling mole eggs, gofio mousse, and gofio ice cream, amongst other things.

It’s an interesting source of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals that’s ideal for including in any kind of food plan. So, are you going to offer it a try?

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