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Real men wear gowns

Real men wear gowns

Guys, visiting the doctor is something you do while you get sick, right? And – there’s no argument – it’s necessary to go to the doctor while you’re sick. But, there are other necessary reasons to go to the doctor, too.

Health problems like prostate cancer, heart attacks and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) don’t at all times show early warning signs. And, they will turn your life the other way up if caught too late. The one method to know for those who’re truly within the clear is by going to the doctor.

Men aren’t taking their health seriously

Take heart disease for instance, the No. 1 killer of men. Men are 22 percent more likely than women to skip cholesterol tests. These essential tests provide an early red flag for a heart attack. Plus, men are less prone to visit the doctor in any respect. Which means risk aspects for things like heart attacks go undetected.

Depending in your age, your doctor will recommend preventive care and suggestions for maintaining your best health. Most men start losing muscle mass of their 30s. By age 50, it’s time to begin colon cancer screenings.

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Shouting it from the rooftops with KARE 11: ‘Real Men Wear Gowns!’

HealthPartners is teaming up with KARE 11 to bring awareness to men’s health. Together, we’re talking about how Real Men Wear Gowns – hospital gowns, that’s. We’re doing it to advertise the importance of normal checkups and screenings.

And we want your help. Share this text with the lads in your life. Encourage them to go to the doctor this 12 months and make smart health decisions. They’re price it.

Learn more about Real Men Wear Gowns by reading the true man’s guide to good health.

Men: have you ever worn a gown these days?

Do you wait until your problem is extreme to hunt treatment? Do you skip annual physicals since you “feel wonderful?” Don’t forget that your health is very important. And, catching a life-threatening issue like prostate or colon cancer before it’s too late will mean higher health. If cost is holding you back, ask your medical insurance what they cover. Many pay for preventive care at 100%.

To schedule a men’s health appointment:

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  • Call Park Nicollet at 952-977-1001

Discover what you’ll pay for an office visit at our Twin Cities metro and western Wisconsin medical clinics.


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