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Jaw Pain Because of Stress: Learn how to Deal With It

Jaw Pain Because of Stress: Learn how to Deal With It

Do you’ve gotten regular jaw pain? Did you recognize that it may very well be attributable to stress? Learn all about this common ailment here.

Stress-related jaw pain is a quite common problem in the final population. In truth, its incidence is progressively increasing attributable to the hectic lifestyle that almost all people lead.

The jaw is the bone that enables chewing to happen. In this fashion, it fulfills a basic function in digestion and nutrition. The issue is that its health will be influenced by stress. Thus, during episodes of great tension, it tends to present disorders resembling bruxism. Let’s take a more in-depth look.

The connection between jaw pain and stress

Jaw pain attributable to stress is a quite common occurrence. Many individuals are surprised by the connection between the 2 entities. In truth, many don’t even perceive themselves to be stressed. Nonetheless, the connection between stress and temporomandibular disorders has been observed in scientific studies .

Thus, other associated symptoms resembling headache, clicking, locking of the jaw and difficulty opening the mouth have been reported. These are inclined to manifest themselves after episodes of stress, or when the person doesn’t get adequate rest.

Based on an article by IMED Dental, the mouth is one in all the principal ‘escape routes’ for stress. In other words, it’s one in all the places where it manifests itself most. Due to this fact, in situations that trigger it, many individuals are inclined to clench their teeth involuntarily and forcefully.

In consequence, the teeth grind against one another and the jaw muscles are subjected to constant tension. That is medically often called bruxism. It’s estimated that just about 70% of the Spanish population suffers or has suffered from this condition in some unspecified time in the future of their lives.

This can be a condition that may evolve into something serious, because the constant tension may cause the pain to spread to other areas, resembling the neck and back. As well as, the grinding of the teeth causes them to weaken and erode.

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About bruxism

It’s essential to treat bruxism as soon as possible; otherwise, it might probably greatly diminish an individual’s quality of life.

Bruxism is something that may occur at any time of the day, even though it most frequently occurs at night, while the person sleeps. The large drawback is that this is completely unconscious.

It normally causes jaw pain, but additionally tooth sensitivity, and discomfort within the ears. Eating very cold or hot food is commonly quite uncomfortable. And although stress is a serious cause, it also occurs in depressive conditions.

It’s most frequently seen in people under very intense work stress or in those that have very long working days. It’s also common in those that must spend lots of time concentrating.

In periods of stress, the body’s perception is commonly lost. Thus, teeth begin to clench and jaw pain appears. When there is no such thing as a timely intervention and the stressful situation continues, further complications can occur.

The incidence of stress-related jaw pain has increased in recent a long time. The explanation is easy: there are an increasing number of circumstances and environments that trigger high levels of stress, especially at work.

There are lots of ways to deal with this symptom, however it is essential to seek the advice of a dentist first to rule out other possible causes. Often, an unloading splint that matches over the teeth is beneficial. Its function is to forestall the pieces from colliding with one another to cut back or prevent their erosion.

It also allows the jaw to calm down during sleep to cut back the reoccurrence of bruxism during this era. In certain cases, its use throughout the day is indicated. What else helps the treatment? Let’s take a look at some additional suggestions.

Maintain your sleep

Jaw pain is greatly influenced by the quality of sleep. Most bruxism episodes occur throughout the night. As well as, it’s often related to poor rest, frequent awakenings, nightmares, and other sleep problems.

Due to this fact, one solution to address this problem is to enhance sleep habits. Certain bedtime behaviors encourage going to bed in an agitated state. For instance, this includes eating dinner just before bedtime, watching television, or being in your cellular phone.

Due to this fact, the secret’s to have interaction in activities that do help leisure. Reading before bedtime, taking a warm shower and meditating are some examples.

Managing stress

Considering that jaw pain is said to emphasize, we must learn to administer this problem. To accomplish that, certain healthy lifestyle habits will be very useful.

Spending time outdoors and fascinating in outdoor activities – walking, visiting parks, walking on the beach, going to the mountains, and the like – considerably improves the perception of stress.

Something similar occurs with the practice of physical exertion. Each sports and other types of physical activity have a positive impact on stress reduction.

Avoid stimulants

Even though it doesn’t occur in all people, coffee can trigger bruxism crises.

Stimulants are one in all the principal causes of nervousness and sleep disturbances. For instance, drugs resembling tobacco, alcohol, and even other stronger drugs (amphetamines or cocaine), are closely associated with this problem.

The identical happens with caffeine or theine. In people affected by stress-related jaw pain, it’s advisable to eliminate all these substances from the routine. Bruxism may decrease just by reducing their consumption.

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Massages for jaw pain

Jaw pain normally affects the temporomandibular joint area in a special way. Massage of this area, or every other area where tension is felt, will help reduce discomfort.

To do that, place two fingers on the sore spot. With the mouth ajar, circular movements needs to be made with these fingers for a couple of minutes.

Other recommendations

To try to forestall jaw pain from increasing in intensity, other measures will be carried out.

  • Initially, it’s necessary to avoid nail biting or chewing gum. These habits are inclined to fatigue the jaw muscles much more.
  • It is usually advisable to cut back the consumption of very hard foods.
  • Similarly, it is suggested to care for the postures, each throughout the day and at bedtime. When sleeping face down, it is feasible to overload the neck, and jaw pain may spread.

Recommendations to prevemt jaw pain attributable to stress

There are some features to contemplate to avoid the looks of jaw pain. The very first thing is to pay attention to this problem and its relationship with stress. Due to this fact, it is crucial to try to manage it and learn to administer it.

As well as, you’ll be able to attempt to calm down your jaw at times whenever you notice tension in that area. To do that, the tip of the tongue needs to be placed on the roof of the mouth, touching the teeth. Stretching sessions, each for the neck and the remainder of the body, will help eliminate amassed tension.

What to recollect about jaw pain attributable to stress

Stress jaw pain is often attributable to bruxism. That is the tendency to clench or grind your teeth unconsciously. This will result in serious complications, resembling hearing discomfort, neck or back pain, sleep disturbances, etc.

Due to this fact, it’s advisable to acknowledge the situations that trigger stress and, above all, learn to administer them. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of therapies and professionals that guide you as to tips on how to treat this condition. If you’ve gotten this problem, don’t hesitate to request a consultation.


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