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Why men aren’t taking their health seriously

Why men aren’t taking their health seriously

While it’s necessary for people of all ages to listen to their bodies, the stats show that men aren’t taking their health as seriously as women. But they need to.

In truth, men are 24 percent less prone to visit the doctor for normal check-ups than women. Moreover, they’re 22 percent more likely than women to neglect their cholesterol tests. That’s a key reason why men suffer more heart attacks of their 50s than women.

As a family medicine doctor in Plymouth, Minnesota, I see loads of male patients. And regardless of what age they’re at, there’s no denying men are an entire lot less prone to visit my office. So, I’ve put together a listing of necessary questions and answers to assist men stay healthy. No surprise, going to the doctor for normal check-ups is a giant a part of staying healthy!

Why are men less prone to make regular visits to the doctor?

For some men who’re in good health, they could not think it’s obligatory. But the truth is that men of each decade need routine checkups. There are conditions that ought to potentially be checked.

One more reason may very well be the comfort factor. Possibly they aren’t comfortable with the concept of getting an exam or a blood draw. Or possibly they’ve the “dread factor,” pondering they will learn some bad news or get a lecture. That couldn’t be farther from the reality. We are usually not here to make people feel bad; we would like to show you how to stay healthy.

What’s the primary condition that men are most definitely to disregard?

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of men. Unfortunately, it may affect men of their 40s and younger. The excellent news is that it may be prevented.

Cancer takes the No. 2 spot, and there are also necessary screening tests based on age and family history for this.

What are a number of the warning signs for heart disease?

Individuals who smoke, don’t exercise, have a family history of heart disease, have hypertension numbers, or have unhealthy cholesterol or blood sugar levels are all at highest risk. I highly recommend having a physical exam to evaluate for these risks. Chest pain and difficulty respiratory could be signs of current heart disease. I like to recommend being seen as soon as possible for any chest symptoms.

What sorts of things can men do to combat these symptoms?

To begin, weight management is essential. Don’t get caught up with shortcuts like energy drinks or weight reduction supplements. They don’t help, and might actually cause health issues like unhealthy heart rhythms. As a substitute, keep it basic: deal with portions, and keep on with sustainable and really specific exercise goals.

The concept of eliminating your favorite foods long-term just isn’t realistic. On top of that, I’ve had many patients who get occurring a business weight reduction program. Or, they jump into a short lived 60-day challenge program, lose the load, but find yourself gaining all of it back. Lifestyle decisions are the important thing to success. Every part in current medical literature suggests that being a non-smoker, being energetic and maintaining a healthy body weight is the perfect method to minimize heart disease. It’ll also help with diabetes, stroke, kidney disease, and even anxiety and depression.

One other condition men are sometimes concerned with but are nervous to ask about is low testosterone. Is that this something people speak about during regular check-ups?

Absolutely. Nevertheless, the very first thing it is best to know is that routine or baseline testing for low testosterone isn’t obligatory. Most men don’t have low testosterone. There are medicines that may also help treat this, but there are risks associated. Truthfully, avoiding alcohol and maintaining a healthy body weight are two easy ways you may combat this.


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