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Type 2 diabetes prevention programs in Canada

Type 2 diabetes prevention programs in Canada

Alberta – Yes Health Program

The Yes Health Program is a pilot project that’s aimed toward stopping type 2 diabetes amongst adults who’ve prediabetes. It’s a digital program that’s delivered through a smartphone app. This app provides participants with support from health coaches virtually to be able to promote healthy lifestyles and higher manage risk aspects. Participants can discuss many issues related to stopping diabetes, including meal planning, weight reduction, physical activity and mental health.

This program is on the market to Albertans who’ve been deemed eligible by their family physicians in the first care networks which have agreed to be a part of the pilot. To learn more concerning the Yes Health Program, click here.

Toronto, Ontario – Diabetes Prevention Programs for Ethnic Communities

Three diabetes prevention programs for specific ethnicities currently available in Toronto are:

  1. Biim-Maa-Sii-Win (Way of Life)

This program supports Aboriginal populations. This system offers access to a chiropodist, traditional healers and outreach staff. Topics addressed in this system include meal planning and mental health.

  1. South Asian Diabetes Prevention Program

This program supports South Asian populations. Topics addressed include the importance of stopping type 2 diabetes, meal planning and weight reduction.

  1. Unison Health and Community Service’s Diabetes Prevention Program

This program supports Caribbean, East African and Latin American populations. Topics addressed include meal planning and exercise.

For more details about these Diabetes Prevention Programs, click here.

Rexdale (Toronto), Ontario – Diabetes Prevention Workshop

The Rexdale Community Health Centre offers a Diabetes Prevention Workshop that’s designed to assist people diagnosed with prediabetes or those vulnerable to developing type 2 diabetes. This system is open to adults 40 years of age or older from high-risk ethnic populations (Asian, South Asian, Black, Hispanic, Arab and Indigenous). Workshop participants learn the way they will prevent or delay type 2 diabetes and have a possibility to fulfill with a dietitian for information and support regarding nutrition and healthy meal planning.

For more information concerning the Rexdale Diabetes Prevention Workshop, click here.


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