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Rules to Practice Pranayama Or Yoga

Rules to Practice Pranayama Or Yoga

– Begin to practice not before the age of eight to 10 years.

– Yoga exercise is equally useful for each sexes: female and male.

– All the time practice in a peaceful, clam, noiseless and airy environment.

– Wear clothes that are sufficient to guard the body.

– Avoid wearing tight clothes.

– Practice on empty stomach, two hours after breakfast and 4 hours after a meal, and an hour after having a cup of tea or coffee

– Start practicing for brief periods and regularly increase the duration.

– The practitioner must be a vegetarian so far as possible.

Useful suggestions for practicing yoga

– Warming up exercise is crucial before yoga practice for slimming, shaping figure and obtaining perfect results.

– Brisk walk within the fresh morning air may be very useful and offers exercise to the entire body, especially useful for hips and thighs.

– All the time cool down after a yoga session. You start to feel more poised, loose limned, coordinated, stretched and toned, feel as in case you are gliding quite than walking.

– In the event you are obese don’t run. Remember, weight – bearing exercises strain your joints much more.

– Pre – exercise meal must be light.

– Cool down after exercising a session with slow and delicate stretches.

– Seek the advice of a physician or a yoga teacher before embarking on any yogic exercise program, especially if you end up above 45 years of age, pregnant, have a private or family history of hypertension or heart problem.

– An excessive amount of and too fast yogic practice doesn’t provide quick results: these simply result in injuries, aches and pains.


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