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8 must-know suggestions to maintain your fruits and veggies fresh for longer

6. Keep your garlic, onions and potatoes in a cool, dark and dry place.

Keep garlic, onions and potatoes in a well-ventilated and dark area, for instance, your pantry or cupboard. Exposure to light could cause spoilage. Make sure you separate your onions out of your potatoes, because the ethylene gas produced by onions could cause potatoes to spoil more quickly.

7. Bring your wilted lettuce, carrots and celery back to life

Has a few of your produce seen higher days? I’ve got excellent news for you. Wilted lettuce, carrots and celery can turn into firm again. Simply soak them in ice water for a number of hours to assist restore their crispness. Veggies wilt as a consequence of water loss following harvest.

8. Freeze your produce in case you can’t get through all of it

Freezing your produce at house is a fast and straightforward strategy to preserve it. Fruits will be washed, cut and frozen on a tray, after which stored in a plastic freezer bag for future use. Vegetables, corresponding to beans, peppers and carrots, will be blanched, cooled and frozen for future use. Try our home freezing guide for more information.

Make probably the most out of your vegetables and fruit after buying them. Whether it’s becoming a savvy shopper or understanding properly store your produce at home, proceed to nourish yourself with these dietary powerhouses, all while reducing food waste. For more fruit and vegetable suggestions, visit

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